Marine worm infects trunk of Darwin's tree; to be felled soon

MARINE WORM -- Sequencing of Marine Worm Kills Common Ancestor of Man and Insects: As previously on Real Science Radio, falsifying the general expectations of neo-Darwinism, a typical roundworm, C. elegans, and a human have about the same number of genes, 19,000 as compared to  20,500. And further, also as on RSR, molecular biology has removed from its perch the long-alleged common ancestor of insects and humans, the marine worm acoelomorphs. According to LiveScience, "the missing link has gone missing". For as reported in the Jan/Feb 2011 Creation Matters:
- marine worms are more closely related to humans than are mollusks and insects - Nature 2-9-11
- Acoelomorpha Flatworm formerly known as common man-bug ancestor
- Evolution: A can of worms. Nature 2-9-11
- "the missing link has gone missing" Dept. of Genetics & Evolution's Max Telford, Univ. College, London
- evolutionists "alarmed" with "vehemence" - Nature magazine
- shows how important these worm props were to the evolutionary story-telling
- "the most politically fraught paper I've ever written" -Genetic researcher Max Telford. Political? Exactly!

For more about the wonderful developments from genetic science, see Real Science Radio's annual tradition, the List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit, and evolutionist Jerry Coyne's spat with RSR.

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