Dinosaur-Layer Biological Tissue

Original biological material discovered in fossils from dinosaur-layer strata

Scientists extract DNA from allegedly 130-million year old weevil

DNA extracted from allegedly 130-million year old weevilAs reported in the journal Nature, DNA has been successfully isolated from an allegedly 130-million year old weevil found in amber from Lebanon.

Biological material from an allegedly "150-million" year old Archaeopteryx

Biological material discovered in "150Mya" bird fossilThe Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported the discovery of various types of original biological material in the bird feathers and bones of archeopteryx that allegedly have survived for 150 million years.

Indisputable Mosasaur soft tissue survives, allegedly for 70 million years

Original biological tissue from allegedly 70Mya marine reptileIn this peer-reviewed report by researchers including from Lund University in Sweden and Southern Methodist University in Dallas, scientists confirm another biological tissue discovery using sophisticated techniques to rule out modern contamination, bio-film, etc., concluding that original biological collagen exists in a small bone fr

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