Genomes and Earth History

Genetic discoveries that undermine the old-earth, evolutionary timeframe

Marine worm infects trunk of Darwin's tree; to be felled soon

MARINE WORM -- Sequencing of Marine Worm Kills Common Ancestor of Man and Insects: As previously on Real Science Radio, falsifying the general expectations of neo-Darwinism, a typical roundworm, C. elegans, and a human have about the same number of genes, 19,000 as compared to  20,500.

Sponges share 70% of human genes, contradicting the expected evolutionary timeframe and genetic predictions

DNA Doesn't Lie: For decades prior to the sequencing of the human genome, when evolutinionists only had some of our genes to go by, they proclaimed that chimps were 98% the same as us. If that logic were valid, then sponges are 70% human, which is so absurd, that the whole evolutionary claim to genetic evidence for Darwin's tree of life is falling apart (though so far, only some leading Darwinists are admitting this).

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