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Nine billion years of missing metal in a trillion stars

Nine Billion Years of Missing Metal in Spiral Galaxies: Some people don't like heavy metal, but who would have chucked nine billion years worth?

The pinwheel arms of spiral galaxies should deform after a million years

After their alleged billions of years the spiral arms of “pinwheel” galaxies should now be deformed, since as has been known for decades, the speed of the arms does not align with the galaxy centers. Therefore there is “missing billions of years” of deformation in spiral galaxies. Atheistic astronomers have great difficulty even explaining where our own

Spiral galaxies are missing millions of years worth of collisions

Cosmologists who accept the Big Bang model naturally predicted that because spiral galaxies are, allegedly, at least hundreds of millions of years old, the large ones must have formed by mergers of smaller galaxies, so therefore the bulges in the center of the spirals would have formed from millions of years of collisions. However, astronomers carefully studying large spiral galaxies have found that 1) often there are no bulges at all, and 2) spirals exhibit a perfect orderliness in the trajectory of their stars.

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